Access to Records

General information

AQF/NVR Requirements SNR 16.6

Learners have timely access to current and accurate records of their participation and progress

Training record

Learners must be able to access their training record in a timely manner, so that they are aware of their progress through a training program. 


The learner must be provided with an up-to-date copy of their training record within 48 hours of receiving the request (with exception to weekends and where by office is closed), A "Transcript of Academic Record" may be generated via Vettrak and sent via email or post to the requesting client

CMDA does not have the facilities for learners to obtain records via online services

Other records

Learners also have right of access to these records:

  • Their own enrolment information
  • Their own attendance records
  • Their own learner file and anecdotal notes  

If a learner requests access to these files they may view them on the premises, in the presence of an authorised member of staff, at a mutually agreed time.  The RTO Manager must be made aware that this is being arranged.

Informing learners about access

Learners receive a general information sheet/booklet prior to enrolment that includes details of how to access their records. 

How to request your records

Students can email CMDA at or phone on (02) 9746 4199 and state their name, contact details and what record they are requesting. CMDA staff will contact the student within 48 hours.