CMAA Life Members

The Club Managers' Association Australia offers awards to recognise individuals whose commitment and efforts have benefited the Association and the Club Industry in general.

Life Members:

The Association chooses to recognise an individual who has provided outstanding service to the CMAA and has at least 10 years membership.
Nominations are accepted from any division or section of the Association and Life Membership is decided by the Federal Executive.
The number of life members that can be admitted will be limited to one each year - provided that the number of Life Members cannot exceed 20 persons at any time.

Phil Wheaton, ACCM 

Grant Duffy, ACCM

David O'Neil, ACCM

William Clegg, ACCM

Wayne Forrest, CCM

John Allan, CCM

Allan Peter, ACCM

Greg Pickering, ACCM

Barry Stevenson

Lew Cooper

Terry Condon, CCM (deceased)

Jim Henry, OAM, CCM (deceased)

Hans Sarlemyn, CCM

Peter Strahan, CCM

George Elliott, CCM (deceased)

Alan McDougall MBE (deceased)

Fred Chubb, CCM (deceased)

John Milne (deceased)

Les Evernett (deceased)

Keith Nolan (deceased)

Bob Harbutt (deceased)

Peter Cameron (deceased)

Lou O'Neil (deceased)

Len Ewart (deceased)

Arthur Justice (deceased)

Norm Robinson (deceased)

Harry Walker (deceased)