CMDA Key Partnerships

What does 2017 hold in store for you as a member of the CMAA?
A whole
lot more than you think!

A number of significant strategic partnerships have been struck with prominent professional development providers commencing in 2016. These partnerships will ensure that you the member will receive an improved professional development offering via the CMAA to maximise your access to high quality career development and knowledge regardless of where you live.

As the CMAA is repositioning itself as the premier provider of customised club industry specific training and development courses, seminars, summits and conferences, and relying less on its RTO offering, these providers will enhance and make more relevant the CMAA’s place in the industry as the only genuine provider of professional development for management in the club industry. CMAA strikes YOUR KEY PARTNERSHIPS for benefit Australian Institute of Management Education and Training (AIM)

The partnership with AIM will provide members and their staff with the opportunity to engage with one of Australia’s most prestigious providers of management training in a wide range of nationally accredited short courses and full qualification courses both face to face AND on-line.

The partnership with AIM also enables members and their staff, who enrol into any AIM courses via the CMAA/AIM portal on the CMAA website, to receive a discount on registration fees equivalent to an AIM member’s rate (equates to a 10% discount). Gaining qualifications via the CMAA/AIM partnership will give students completing courses with the recognition of having undertaken education with one of Australia’s most highly visible and respected management training

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