Credit Transfer

General information

AQTF/VQF Requirement SNR 15.5
The CMDA must recognise the AQF and VET qualifications and VET Statements of Attainment issued by any other RTO.


CMDA Management recognises relevant vocational qualifications and statements of attainment issued by any other RTO in Australia.  CMDA Management reserves the right to verify the authenticity of such certification documents as required and to determine the currency of any units of competency listed on such documents.

Credit transfer applies when credit can be given for formal learning equivalent to the competency outcomes.  This may include credit transfer based on formal learning that is outside the AQF.

Credit Transfer will only be granted for an entire unit of competency, not for individual elements of competency.

If a learner is seeking recognition of an existing AQF Unit of Competency to meet the pre-requisites of a higher level UOC they are seeking to gain entry into, upon verification of their testamur, the Training course administrator can process their enrolment form.

For a credit transfer for a unit of competency, the following procedure applies:

  1. Learner submits the application form and stipulates which units apply to Credit trasfer AND documentary evidence
  2. The SOA is matched to the UOC in question to determine equivalency
  3. The UOC is then verified by the compliance officer for validity by contacting the issuing RTO
  4. Once verified the assessor returns application to CMA Training Administrator with result
  5. CMDA Training administrator records result against learner’s name
  6. CMDA Training administrator notifies learner of result
  7. Learner may appeal within 14 days of notification in writting
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