Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement Survey Offer

If you are interested in participating in a unique industry study that CMAA is partnering with Bullseye CX (BCX) with regarding a national Employee Engagement Survey for Clubs then read on.

As you know clubs work hard at attracting and retaining customers and the key to do so successfully comes down to their customer experience with your staff.

BCX has crafted a highly reliable and valid employee engagement survey specifically for clubs. It is designed to identify the underlying factors which are critical in maintaining a highly engaged workforce and what really ‘matters’ to your employees.

For this first national club industry survey, BCX is offering your club a chance to participate in this exciting venture for an introductory price of $2,500. This includes the survey instrument administered to your employees via the web or on a tablet to facilitate easy participation, data analysis, and survey results regarding the specific aspects and levels of employee engagement within your club.

Brett Jones of BCX is well known in the club industry as an expert in Gaming Management, Data Analysis and Customer Service Blueprinting and as the driver behind the Survey will ensure you of a comprehensive and credible report which will help you drive your business.

For more information go to https://www.bullseyecx.com.au/service-briefs/ to locate the Employee Engagement Survey outlining answers to the many questions you may well be asking yourself as to the benefits of the program for your club.

Brett is also available to discuss the finer details of the Survey with you:

0435 812 177