Federal Executive

Federal Executive

Federal Executive & President

Congratulations to the CMAA’s Federal Executive who have been longstanding members and supporters of the CMAA in various capacities over the years.  Their support for members’ and for the advancement and betterment of the CMAA has been paramount in their success. The CMAA membership will benefit greatly from their combined experience and industry knowledge.

We welcome new Executive Members Tracey Lentell ACCM (Moorebank Sports Club), and Karen Howe ACCM (Barrier Social and Democratic Club, Broken Hill), and welcome the re-election of Michael O’Sullivan ACCM (Milton Ulladulla Bowling Club), David Hiscox ACCM (Dapto Leagues Club), and Allan Peter ACCM.

We are pleased to announce that David Hiscox has been successful with a majority vote as President, and Tracey Lentell as Vice President .  It is through their leadership, the support and contribution of the Federal Executive members, and Executive Officer of the CMAA that we will see great opportunities and benefits for all CMAA members over the next three years.

Please join us in congratulating and supporting our Federal Executive in their newly elected roles.

David Hiscox, ACCM
Vice President

Tracey Lentell, ACCM
 Federal Secretary 
Allan Peter, ACCM

Federal Executive Member

Carl Pozzato, ACCM

Federal Executive Member

 Karren Howe, ACCM