Language,Literacy & Numeracy

General information


AQTF/VQF Requirement SNR 16.5

Learners receive training, assessment and support services that meet their individual needs.


Learners will have varying degrees of capacity in the ability to read, write, speak well and carry out mathematical functions.  Learners who have difficulty in any of these areas may have difficulty participating fully in the training and assessment program. 

If you as a learner feel you may require assistance in this regard:


  • Students must indicate that they may have issues pertaining to Literacy, Language, Numeracy or other dis-advantages at the time of purchase (via online registration) and at the commencement of their course (by completion of enrolment form)
  • Upon notification of concerns raised on the registration form, Course Scheduling Officer will contact the student directly and review their level of LLN issues by using pieces of text or material from the course to assess the level of LLN issues that he student may have.
  • Should it be deemed that the student requires specialist assistance in these areas, CMDA may direct the student to a number of organisations that may be of assistance.
  • Whereby students may require moderate assistance, trainers/assessors will be notified by either email or phone prior to the course by the RTO Course Scheduling Officer
  • Trainers/Assessors may practice 'reasonable adjustment' in their methods should they identify any concerns for LLN, however such methods must be documented on a case by case basis on Trainer Feedback Form

LLN indicators

There is one indicator for each qualification level.  The requirements are decided on the basis of the tasks the person must reasonably be able to perform as part of the work routine associated with the qualification/course.

To identify the tasks that the learner must perform as part of their work routine,  and also as part of their training and assessment, we may ask these questions:

  1.  What does the learner have to listen and say?
  2. What does the learner have to read and write?
  3. What diagrams, plans, maps, symbols does the learner have to interpret?
  4. What mathematical concepts does the learner need to understand and use?

Limits of responsibility

We acknowledge that the trainer/assessor is not a trained language and literacy specialist.  The Indicator test simply provides some data that can be used to make a recommendation to management or trainers and assessors in order to assist the student.


We refer learners to language and literacy specialists, if there is a significant problem.

  1. Reading Writing Hotline at 1300 6555 06
  2. for language, literacy and/or numeracy support

In some instances the learner may have to defer study in a unit

Reasonable adjustment

There may be instances where the trainer/assessor may make adjustment to the learning and/or assessment materials and processes because a learner has difficulty with reading, writing, or mathematical calculations. This will not effect the outcome of the UOC ie It would still be mapped and all changes will be recorded.  An example: English is the person’s second or third language, yet they are still able to perform the required tasks.