One Day Programs

"One day we need to do something about that"  - "If I had that One Day over again I would do it differently" - "What a difference a day makes"

We heard you!! Introducing the CMAA's Top Ten Series. 10 One day courses running over 10 months throughout 2016. Got a problem? We have it covered, click Read More for a complete course run down or to register, we can do them in-house as well. Simply contact Brad Jones for more information. or 02 9746-4199.

What’s on the One Day Program? 
All of these 1 Day programs  can  be delivered locally,
In- house or as a zone event.


My First Promotion:
Lori Luhrmann 

Your first promotion is a mine field to negotiate, we want to do our best to prove ourselves worthy of the chance, lead our team effectively. The reality is its not the role thats the problem, staff rebellion, confidence erosion, sabotage and in fighting are the norm. Let Lori show you how to avoid the traps and make the best of your new promotion.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers:
Brett Jones

Sounds easy enough! Like all things the devils in the detail. Learn how to interpret financial reports and analyse the bottom line. Know where to find the critical information for your decisions.

Delivering Great Customer Service:
Bill Shirley

Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again & bring their friends. WALT DISNEY 
How we serve our customers is a cornerstone of an organisations’ culture.

Profitable Functions & Cafe's:
Bill Shirley

Got a café, coffee shop or functions within your club? If the answer is yes and  your competitors have done these one day workshops and you haven't, you are about to loose business.

Cost Control Principles:
Brett Jones

Part of the popular Duty Mgr Development Program, do your line staff simply go through the motions? Do they understand the effect their decisions or lack of them have on your bottom line?

Introduction to Marketing:
Garry Haworth

A great course to get your feet wet in the marketing world, excellent lead in to the Marketing Strategies course. Learn the basic principles of Marketing and how to use them in your current role.         

Dealing with Difficult Conversations:
Paul Lyons 

We all have an inner voice that tells us when we need to have a difficult conversation— a conversation that, if it took place, would improve life at the club, for ourselves and for everyone else.

Navigating the Registered Clubs Award:
Brent Williams

Part of the Roster Staff course that has been expanded and developed for managers to really understand the award under which their staff work. Make their award work for you!!

Workplace Conflict:
Bill Shirley 

This course looks at the techniques in successfully dealing with conflict at the coal face. Just been promoted and your old 'Friends' testing you out? Can you delegate without dramas?

Project Management:
Bill Shirley

Learn the tips and how to avoid costly mistakes, risk planning, project stages and what goes into the decision making process.

All courses are available on the website as dates and venues become available.

If you would like more information on these please contact Brad Jones
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