Student Services

General information

AQF/NVR Requirement SNR 16.5

Learners receive training, assessment and support services that meet their individual needs.


Learners have every reasonable opportunity to complete their training program..


Reasonable adjustment refers to measures or actions taken in order to provide a learner the same education and training opportunity as anyone else.  For adjustments to be reasonable they need to be appropriate for the particular learner in a particular situation.  Reasonable adjustment activities could include:
  • Modifying or providing equipment
  • Changing assessment procedures
  • Investigating other training delivery modes
  • Modifying classroom layout 

Support services

If a learner is experiencing difficulties for personal or study related reasons, they should firstly direct their concerns to the trainer in the classroom if appropriate. If it is not appropriate to speak to the trainer in person, or if students have post course assessment concerns, students can phone the CMDA direct with any course related issue, or can use our dedicated student help / support email address which is received directly by the  RTO Administration.  Where study related issues are involved, the trainer will be notified of the issue and will assess the situation and provide support and guidance.  Where the matter is beyond the scope of our organisation, the RTO Manager may recommend an external counseling service.

Who is support available for?

Support is available for people with:

  • deafness or hearing impairment
  • intellectual disability
  • learning disability
  • physical disability
  • vision impairment

What support is available?

CMA management may provide:

  • pre-course counselling by contacting CMDA staff 
  • assistance with course selection and enrolment
  • assistance to identify the most appropriate classroom support and assessment modifications