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Today I had a great chat with Alex Patterson from Toukley RSL affectionately known as The Ary Toukley now. Alex has clearly been a focused guy from the early age of 16 when he started his career as a chef.. Completing his apprenticeship and excelling in that industry over the years he was soon called upon to launch and run as the Executive Chef of a brand-new restaurant within the club called Ziva Eats and Pizza. With a brand new food offering and direction for the club, Alex had his work cut out to rebuild and regain confidence from the community. With the recruitment of a great team and instilling productive and a nurturing culture the new restaurant was soon picking up awards and a reputation to match. This however did a lot more for Alex, then he would have envisaged. What Alex loved was leading a team, logistics, operations, management and in particular the H R side of things . Time to put away the kitchen utensils and start to focus on a career path that will take him to his next level.

Alex embarked on the CMAA on line Club Managers - Leadership and Management Diploma which he completed in just over a year. While for many taking the 3 years to complete is one way, Alex put to use the Covid restrictions and lockdowns and just got “ stuck into it” while the time presented itself. Turning some challenging times into a personal positive worked for Alex and he is now preparing to take on a new role within the club as Operations Manager. Alex has just recruited a new Executive Chef and at time of writing lockdown has been on for nearly 2 months so a perfect situation to hand over his role to the new Chef with time to be very thorough and also prepare himself for his new role. I asked Alex was there a particular component to the course he enjoyed, and he said every module was relevant, but he particularly enjoyed the HR components.

I have a feeling there is still one more step for Alex to achieve and I’m sure another story about his move into a General Manager role is not too far off.
A central coast boy born and bred Alex enjoys home life with his wife and 2 girls aged 10 and 8 and lives a short 10 minutes form The Ary

Wishing Alex all the best with his new role and congratulations on completing the CMAA Club Managers Leadership and Management Diploma

If you are interested in advancing your career.. you can check out details here. This is an On line course delivered at your own pace. Over 3 years or less