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Member Profile – August 2021

James Goodrich
Group Loyalty Manager


1. It’s been a tough time of late!! .. what positives can you share about your club or area of club during or since Covid.? Is there a silver lining, a takeaway, a change of procedure, management style that has turned out to be a great change????

The CSC Group senior management team during COVID made a concerted effort to keep open communication at the forefront. This included story sharing between team members on dedicated social groups, bringing in team members for various tasks to keep engagement up, and also setting up a call centre to contact our 70,000 members throughout the mandatory closure. We also took that time during the closure to revamp some processes, including our Diamond Rewards loyalty program.

2. In your role, what can you share to our readers, has been one of the highlights of your work there? Any goals kicked for the club?

Engaging with our people – both customers and team members – and having opportunities to make positive impacts on their experience/employment. Another highlight/goal would be designing and launching our SmartPlay program, our customer-focussed commitment to harm minimisation.

3. Tell us how long you have been at your current club.. what is your favourite part of the role.?

I’ve worked for the CSC Group since March 2016, so just over five years. The favourite part of my role is being part of positive change in our venues, and having the opportunity to be innovative.

4. Now tell us what you get up to your spare time.. if you have any?? 😊 Hobbies etc.. have you a work/ life balance???

 In my spare time, other than spending time with my partner, I’m mostly absorbed with birds. I’ve kept quite a variety for over twenty years, being quite involved with the Parrot Society of Australia and also as the President for the Pheasant & Waterfowl Society of Australia. I’ve also had the opportunity to be a keynote speaker overseas about Australian waterfowl at international conferences, which was a big highlight in my bird-keeping journey!