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(2024) 12 & 13 February - Liverpool Catholic Club

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Preparing Team Leaders and Supervisors for a Successful transition to Line Management

This program assists Team Leaders and Supervisors how to better understand how to take on a management approach in dealing with supervising staff and dealing with customers. The program has two parts; the first is face to face with the CMAA and covers:

Monitor Workplace Operations (D1) and Coaching Others (D2)

The second part is optional for those who select to build on the face to face component by enrolling into the ONLINE CMAA Leadership & Management Program to undertake a number of recommended units listed below.

Enrol into the face to face component with the CMAA and learn how to:

Identify monitor and evaluate staffing levels for efficiency and service

Align workplace operations with the Club’s goals and quality assurance principles

Identify emerging problems and solutions to apply prompt resolution

Provide feedback to management on how to improve procedures and systems

Assess workloads

Delegate duties to line staff in a professional objective manner

Learn the techniques on how to coach others

Identify performance problems

Identify the need for coaching

Prepare coaching sessions

Conduct coaching sessions

Follow up on coaching sessions – the HOW, WHEN and WHY

As an option to build on the face to face component of the program, the CMAA recommends participants can also enrol in the ONLINE CMAA Leadership & Management Program and undertake any of the following units:

 Quality Customer Service or Operational Plans or People Performance.

 You can enrol directly for the online units by clicking on this link:

There is an extra cost per online unit taken. Details are listed on the elevateb website and payment for the online units are to be paid directly to elevateb 

 Duration Two Days for the face to face component via the CMAA

ACCM Points: CMAA Members & CMDA Affiliates earn 25 points for successful course completion.