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Being a member of the Club Managers Association Australia (CMAA).......

is not just about joining an organisation; it's about becoming part of a supportive community that nurtures your professional growth and development. As a member, you gain access to valuable resources and networking opportunities that can enhance your career progression. You'll find support for improving your employment conditions and building strong relationships with your manager peers. Being part of CMAA means being part of a professional club managers organisation that understands your unique challenges and strives to help you succeed.

Why be a Club Managers’ Association Member?

Discover the Benefits of CMAA Membership Here are the top three reasons to join:

  1. Expand Your Horizons: Through CMDA, the Association's training arm, unlock opportunities to broaden your skill set with accredited training courses.
  2. Network with Industry Leaders: Connect and collaborate with esteemed colleagues in the field, fostering valuable relationships and staying abreast of industry trends.
  3. Professional Representation and Support: For the cost of just $12 a week, gain representation in industrial relations matters—a crucial safeguard for your career. Think of it as your professional insurance policy; CMAA has your back whenever you need it.

But that's not all. Your career pathway will benefit from a multitude of features:

  • Tax Deductible Membership: Enjoy the perk of fully tax-deductible membership.
  • Access to Discounted Training: Take advantage of CMDA courses, seminars, summits, and conferences at discounted rates, alongside nationally recognized training and qualifications to propel your professional growth.
  • Free Professional Career Support: Avail yourself of complimentary professional career advice and support—it's all part of the package.
  • Industry Recognition: Earn industry-specific accreditation and recognition, such as the prestigious ACCM (Active Certified Club Manager) designation.
  • Bursaries for Education and Development: Apply for bursaries offering free formal education and international professional development opportunities. National and Zone bursaries are available annually.
  • Local Peer Network: Engage with a peer network of like-minded Club Industry professionals through local Zone Meetings.


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Membership for Managers

Management Positions, Duty Manager & Higher

The CMAA is a member organisation for Managers working within the Hospitality and Club Industry.

We provide Members with:

  • Leading Professional Development; Training Courses, Summits, Conferences and Workshops
  • Access to industry leading educational partners for short courses through to an MBA, each with exclusive membership rates or offers
  • Networking opportunities for Members at events and Zone Meetings
  • An active Affiliate programme to actively develop "up and coming' talent
  • Industry recognised education with the ACCM
  • Award interpretation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Support in times of need through CMAA CARE - 1300 464 262

FOR Industrial Relations Representation Support and Guidance.You must be a CMAA Member to access this information.

The CMAA is a calender year operation from 1 Jan to 31 December


Fees are $680 inc GST per annum OR $56.87 inc GST per month -

This works out to be $13.12 per week. For your peace of mind and career development! 

How to join:

Joining is very simple and requires a Credit Card on-line Payment where a tax receipt is issued upon payment. Please note we do not supply invoices in the first instance. Membership joining is via online only

Should you be joining for an annual membership mid way through the year the fees will be pro- rata of the remaining year and commence again on Jan 1 of following year. 

After joining:

The Federal Executive approves all new members at the end of each month.

Once approved you will gain access to the Digital Members Wallet and Members Website Portal.

An email will be sent with instructions. 



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Membership for Affiliates

Supervisors, Team Leaders, FOH & BOH

Become an Affiliate
Why Join?

Exclusive Training Access
As a CMAA member, benefit from CMDA training at special member rates. This offers a significant cost saving, often recoverable within your first or second course enrolment. For smaller clubs, it represents a tangible commitment to supporting your supervisors and staff, particularly those who face limited progression opportunities due to the existing structure.
Career Development Support
Our members gain the opportunity to join a professional association focused on assisting with career paths, an invaluable asset for anyone looking to advance in their career.
Tailored Career Guidance
Receive support and advice to help navigate your career path.
Professional Growth Opportunities: Access a range of professional development resources to propel your career forward.
Self-Directed Career Advancement
Take charge of your career and development journey with our extensive support.
Discounted Course Access
Enjoy reduced rates on a broad spectrum of courses, exclusively for members.
Accrue Industry Points: As Affiliates progress to become managers and CMAA members, they can accumulate points for industry activities.
CMDA Training at Member Rates
Take advantage of CMDA training courses at preferential rates for CMAA members.
Extensive Networking Opportunities
Gain access to a vast network of hospitality managers and Affiliates, expanding your professional connections.
Am I Eligible?
You are eligible to become a CMDA Affiliate if you are not employed as a manager in a hospitality venue. Examples of the type of job roles a cmda affiliate may perform include: Bar attendant, Waitress, Cellarman, Receptionist, Catering attendant, Supervisor, and any other role that does not require persons performing managerial duties.
Benefits to the employer?
Access CMDA training at the CMAA members rate a direct dollar savings recoupable within the first or second registration of a course for smaller clubs, a demonstrable commitment by management to ‘look after’ the needs of supervisors/staff who can’t progress to management due to restrictive opportunity or structure opportunity for staff to subscribe to a professional association for career path assistance.
What does it cost?
A one-off investment cost of $300 inclusive of GST as long as you are employed and remain at the same club as an operational staff member.
Special conditions to note: Affiliate membership paid for by the club cannot be transferred to another employee should the affiliate leave the club. The affiliate membership cannot move with the affiliate should they move to another Club.

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Manager Membership

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Affiliate Membership

(Supervisors, Team Leaders, FOH & BOH)

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