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Online course that can be taken on its own or as part of 12 courses that make up the CMAA Leadership & Management Program via the CMAA’s online partner elevateB.
Course Outline
Communication has always played a fundamental role in business and most human activities. Communication has many facets - it can be used to inform, instruct, persuade, exert influence, change behaviour, interact and build rapport and affinity. It includes both interpersonal and group communication and can be ‘in person’ or using any form of technology.
This course explores influential communication to provide you with the skills and knowledge to negotiate persuasively, lead and participate in discussions or formal meetings and compellingly present your ideas and opinions.
Your enhanced communication clarity and techniques will serve you and the people you work with, well.
Course Delivery
This comprehensive course is delivered via an interactive, online platform providing the flexibility to study and learn at times that suits participants commitments and at a pace that suits their lifestyle. 
Course material is comprised of readings, links, videos, activities and assessments (optional) in a comprehensive learning experience.