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The most impactful & relevant online video
training package for Club Boards

Club Governance & CMAA are pleased to now offer you & your Board a comprehensive online
seminar package, that’s suitable for all registered clubs; from a small volunteer Board to the
Board of a major club entity.

The product is delivered by experts:
Warren Tapp; Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Director of 23 Board (Chair of 17), Founder
of noted advisory firm Directors Australia, international governance advisor, author of two authoritative books
on governance, who is currently completing a PhD thesis on Governance for Clubs & Geoff Wohlsen; Club
advisory specialist for 32 years, Bachelor of Laws Bachelor of Economics.
The online video package, which we recommend you schedule at least one module per board meeting for your
board for discussion, consists of 18 x 15-minute video topics on:
+ What is governance?
+ Roles & responsibilities of directors & management
+ Corporate & Club industry board structures
+ Your constitution & Bylaws what it means to your Board
+ How to conduct Board meetings, Minutes, Board papers, Decision making & Flying minutes
+ Exploring untenable positions for Directors, Due process & Discipline matters
+ Confidentiality & Conflict of Interest for Directors
+ Long term Planning & Strategy, Budgeting & Forecasts
+ Risk Mgt including fraud. Developing a Disaster Action Plan & a Business Recovery Plan
+ Dealing with Bullying, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Privacy Law & Workplace Health & Safety
+ Financial Governance & Reports & Avoiding Insolvency
+ Developing Policies for your Club
+ Recruiting the CEO & Board members, & Performance Mgt
+ Director’s Professional Development & ongoing training
+ Gaming, Liquor & Food Operations, AML-CTF
Take the initiative & ensure your Board gets the right corporate governance information & guidance to be
able to support you in making your club the very best it can be.