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Coaching Colleagues for Supervisors

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Dooley's Lidcombe Catholic Club, NSW 07 Sep 2021 9:30 AM-5:00 PM

Coaching Colleagues for Supervisors

At some stage in your life you have probably known someone who could do something better than you. Whether it is hitting a golf ball, driving a car or learning a maths solution, we all have different skills and abilities. This can be due to experience, practice or natural ability.
In the workplace, each person needs certain skills and abilities to perform their job acceptably. In cases where these skills fall below an acceptable standard, ‘coaching’ is often used to bridge the gap. Coaching is a style of learning in which a more experienced person guides and directs someone less experienced through a skill or practice. It can apply to coaching a baseball team or demonstrating the art of making a café latte.
Many coaching or instructing techniques involve common sense but some are more complicated. This unit will focus on how coaching best takes place.
In this unit you will learn how to:
• Prepare for on-the-job coaching
• Coach colleagues on the job
• Follow up coaching.

This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to provide on-the-job coaching to colleagues. This unit has no parity with units in Training and Assessment Training Package, but reflects the situation in many workplaces where buddy systems and on-the-job coaching are extremely common.

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